Download and Install Windows Seven 7-Installation Help and Guide


Wanna have the new and glitzy operating system from Microsoft installed on your machine?

Get on the bandwagon and download the Windows Seven 7 Operating System from here and do follow the step by step detailed instructions along with screenshots over how to install without wasting a DVD to burn the downloaded ISO.

The process is a simple 10 uncomplicated step activity.

Go on and get it from here.


The History of Ctrl+Alt+Del

Ever thought there would be a lot of thought into implementing the most used key combination on windows Platform.

Priorly it was Ctrl + Alt + Esc being used to instigate a reboot, but the Inventor of this combination, David Bradley, who used to work as a Designer of the Early IBM PC, found out that there are a number of chances that you may accidentally do the reboot. So, in order to keep a total check over this, he re-designed it to our now Ctrl + Alt + Del, which compels you to use both of your hands in order to use it.

Checkout the video of David Bradley and get to know it in his own words.

Share Files Between XP and Vista

Is it possible to share files between Windows Vista and Windows XP?

Yes, it is absolutely possible.

Just follow this link to get what you need.

Support at Microsoft on this Issue

Microsoft has confirmed that this bug is in more Microsoft Products such as Windows XP Professional and Windows XP Home Edition.

Xbox 360s with Bill Gates Signature

Ever since Nathaniel received his repaired and highly sentimental autographed Xbox 360 console clean and washed out as a new one, he hasn’t settled for this one. His anguish had been consoled when he got another package this week, not excluding an Xbox 360 with signatures from the big heads of 360 team and from Bill Gates himself. Lucky chap, this Nathaniel.


5 Seconds to Shutdown Windows XP

The method which I am going to state is quite effective in shutting down the monstrous XP which builds up numerous shutdown routines as the time goes by. When its first installed and checked on, it works quite fine. But, as the installable files increase, so does the shutdown time.

A quick solution is offered by Microsoft itself.

Just Open Task Manager by clicking on the Task Bar or by hitting the Ctrl + Alt + Del buttons and go to ‘Shut Down’ option and point your mouse on ‘Turn Off’ option. Now press Ctrl and Click on ‘Turn Off’ option.

5-4-3-2-1 voila, System shutsdown like magic. No drivers and registry had been corrupted when I tried for 10 times. So, check it out.

Be Advised: This is not a regular option. Use it wisely and backup your important files.

Very Important: Save your work priorly. This method doesn’t ask for confirmations.


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Administrator Password: Crack It

Unlock Windows Computers in seconds without the requirement of a password by using a tool released by a security based consultant residing in New Zealand.

The hack, demonstrated by Adam Boileau, at a security conference in Sydney in 2006 affects the Windows XP Computers but not yet tested whether it works on Windows Vista or not. Microsoft is yet to release a fix for this.

Read on….

USB Stick is now a “Windows Companion”

Microsoft is hecticly working on creating a new technology to convert the USB based Flash Drives into a “windows Companion”.Users can carry their Windows and Windows Live Settings with them using this revolutionary technology by the name “StartKey”.

Only USB Sticks are not confined to the StartKey, it will also work on other flash storage device like SD Memory Cards. The availabitly(mostly a beta) is likely to be before the end of the year.The aim behind this: Miscrosoft is hoping to build a Full Featured StartKey environment, consisting of everything from system software on the flash drives, a SDK to enable the thir-party developers to build products that can support StartKey.

The roots for this plan is actually a Mutual Agreement between SanDisk and Microsoft in May 2007. Another proposition from Microsoft is that it would be providing unspecified software to replace the U3 Smart technology that was included on SanDisk flash devices. U3’s technology enabled users to store files, applications and related settings on their USB Sticks.

More on StartKey here……