Canon’s EOS 50D’s Specifications WOW

Canon today on 26th August, 2008 officially announced the arrival of the much-awaited SLR camera, EOS 50D. The specifications would surely make any photographer drool over this wonderful tool which is a sure shot weapon in capable hands.

Canon EOS 50D brings forth the innovative technology of DIGIC 4 chip for faster processing, 6.3 fps upto 90 JPEGs using UDMA CF cards, and 60 consecutive JPEGs or 16 RAW using standard CF cards. 50D has a new 15.1 Megapixel CMOS sensor with improved noise reduction, wide range ISO 100-3200(H1: 6400, H2:12800) and a 14-bit conversion for smooth color tones and gradations.

DIGIC 4 Image Processor

This next generation DIGIC 4 Image Processor offers finer details and even more natural color reproduction, compared with the previous DIGIC III Image Processor. Since Canon’s DIGIC 4 chips use advanced signal processing technologies, they provide even faster operations, including write times to UDMA cards. It also enables Face Detection Live mode to detect and focus up to 35 face(s) to capture the best possible shot. Further, DIGIC 4 offers the improved Auto Lighting Optimizer that corrects brightness and contrast automatically, and Peripheral Illumination Correction for up to 40 EF lenses. DIGIC always maximizes performance between the capturing and recording stages of digital photography.

For more detailed specifications visit Canon’s Site.


Change or Delete Windows XP and Vista Admin Passwords Instantly

No need to vex over how to change the previously set administrator passwords for Windows XP and Windows Vista. Now, you can do it with just a single click and rest without thinking about it.

A minimal settings file rendered to be used on newer(mostly) machines. Just copy this ISO file into the USB and set the USB as the primary boot device in the BIOS and replace the drive letter of your USB drive. Voila!

You can download the file from Here.

Share with us if you have any similar kind of tools.

Ultimate Screen Protection for iphones

iPhone 3g had brought out so many aspiring people and made them stand waiting for the absolute mobile for days altogether. Even after getting the mobile, many are worried about the Apple iPhone 3G being a finger print magnet and protecting the touch screen from the unavoidable scratches is a dream.

Came across a 3g iPhone case which is built for the same cause to protect the most lovable technology embedded piece ever built. The screen clarity it provides is just the same as the iPhone has and using it would prevent your most cherished mobile in its perfect shape…..always.

Save Your Quality Moments in The Games You Play

How many times have we praised ourselves for taking such a steep curve in Need For Speed and wondered how we have done that so meticulously? Ever wondered what happened when you were running in a hurry in Far Cry and attempted to shoot at the demons in a surprisingly awesome angle? Are you a CounterStrike freak who lives and eats and sh**s in it? Wanna prove your meticulous gaming expertise to your friends? Yeah, gamers do have moments like these a lot of time. How do we share them? We just share it with out friends sipping a coffee or a soft drink. Isn’t it? Put a full stop over there and get to know a very interesting tool called Fraps. Fraps stands for FRAmes Per Second.

For more on this absolutely quality tool, check out Team Nirvana and download it from here.

Save Anything in PDF and Other Formats

Ever wished for an application which would assist in saving a document or excel sheet or an image into multiple formats?

How many softwares have you tried to convert a .doc file into a .pdf file?

Is there anyway I can save this web page as a pdf file?

The answer for your questions is a YES. Came across a piece of software which would enable you to select an option to save the opened file. To be precise and let you know into what formats you can convert your document, here is a glimpse of various options you have. You can save any file which is printable into PDF, HTML, RTF, EXCEL, JPEG and BMP formats. Appears to be untrue, doesn’t it?

This application might be known to a large chunk of people who dwell into softwares and are always trying to get the best into the system. Likewise I came across this application called “Paperless Printer“, aptly named.

Just install this software, its a 10MB installation package, nearly. Open any document or file you wish to convert to another format and select the ‘Print’ option from the ‘File’ Menu. Select ‘Paperless Printer’ option from the range of printers you have and click ‘OK’. You would be asked to select the format which you wish to change to like this.

Choose the appropriate or desired option from the list and click OK. Voila, you have it in your desired format.

Hope this had helped you in one way or the other. If you have any other application doing the same, please share with us.

The New Photoshop, CS Next(CS 4)

Photoshop has supposedly been on the underlaying terms when it comes to optimizing the CPU speed when working on larger files. Earlier the systems use to clog when working on huge image files when applying filters or effects and when zooming into the minute areas of the image. And, cropping the images, just forget about it. If you are lucky, you would not have to restart the system loosing the actions performed until then.

Now, Photoshop technical team has learnt to tame the system over the processing power of the GPU and the physics acceleration. And utilising the same combined with the multi-core support would significantly increase the productivity and reduce the long lasting wait when working with time consuming effects over the large image files.

Hmmm,ok. All this is fine. So, what can this do when working with the general-purpose GPU(GPGPU) acceleration in Photoshop? Have a look at the demo by the narrator when working on a 2GB, 442 megapixel image as if it was a mere 5 megapixel image on an 8-core Skulltrail system. Working on such a huge sized image looks like the effects were apllied instantly.

The included new feature was to import a 3D model into Photoshop, adding text and paint on a 3D surface and having that sureface directly rendered with the 3D model’s reflection map.

Photoshop would be the first tool provided by the mainstream applications to tap into the GPU for the boosted speed. When observed over the demonstration at the Nvidia’s headquarters in Santa Clara, we had a chance to see the Adobe’s “Creative Suite Next” or CS4, code named “Stonehenge”, which adds GPU and physics support to its existing multi-core support.

Digital artists would be on the appreciation list when they start working with Photoshop “CS Next” which is expected to release on October 1.

Have a sneak peek over Adobe Photoshop CS4

Wi-Fi, The New Cause of Allergy

This particular group of people from Santa Fe say so. The reason behind this that they are quite allergic to the hottest technology of wireless internet facility.Their demand is to ban the Wi-Fi from public buildings.

A person, Arthur Firstenberg says that he us highly prone to certain types of electromagnetic fields and that includes wireless internet and cell phones.I hope he doesnt eat anything from the microwave oven. The symptoms of his indifferent health gives rise to chest pain which doesnt go away soon.

The Americans with Disabilities Act is supposed to be violated by putting Wi-Fi in public places as claimed by Firstenberg and numerous other electro-sensitive people in Santa Fe.

The city attorney is checking now to see if placing Wi-Fi would really be a discrimination towards the policies. There are opposing views regarding this by the City Councilor Ron Trujillo as the city had already been saturated by the wireless internet facilities.”It’s not 1692, it’s 2008. Santa Fe needs to embrace this technology, it’s not going away,” Trujillo said.

The verdict: Wait till this month end.