Download and Install Windows Seven 7-Installation Help and Guide


Wanna have the new and glitzy operating system from Microsoft installed on your machine?

Get on the bandwagon and download the Windows Seven 7 Operating System from here and do follow the step by step detailed instructions along with screenshots over how to install without wasting a DVD to burn the downloaded ISO.

The process is a simple 10 uncomplicated step activity.

Go on and get it from here.


Change or Delete Windows XP and Vista Admin Passwords Instantly

No need to vex over how to change the previously set administrator passwords for Windows XP and Windows Vista. Now, you can do it with just a single click and rest without thinking about it.

A minimal settings file rendered to be used on newer(mostly) machines. Just copy this ISO file into the USB and set the USB as the primary boot device in the BIOS and replace the drive letter of your USB drive. Voila!

You can download the file from Here.

Share with us if you have any similar kind of tools.

Eclipse Keyboard Shortcuts

Have a look at how easy it would be to work on Eclipse IDE once you get to learn these shortcuts. You would turn to be a master of the IDE in front of your colleagues.

Eclipse Keyboard Shortcuts

Eclipse Keyboard Shortcuts

Eclipse Keyboard Shortcuts

Eclipse Keyboard Shortcuts

For more and Detailed Shortcuts:Eclipse Keyboard Shortcuts

The History of Ctrl+Alt+Del

Ever thought there would be a lot of thought into implementing the most used key combination on windows Platform.

Priorly it was Ctrl + Alt + Esc being used to instigate a reboot, but the Inventor of this combination, David Bradley, who used to work as a Designer of the Early IBM PC, found out that there are a number of chances that you may accidentally do the reboot. So, in order to keep a total check over this, he re-designed it to our now Ctrl + Alt + Del, which compels you to use both of your hands in order to use it.

Checkout the video of David Bradley and get to know it in his own words.

Nokia’s TUBE: Answer to iPhone!!!

iPhone buzz isnt yet dead and Nokia is on an edge to release its new Symbian based competitor over iPhone. Named TUBE(TBD) whose design and working has been leaked in a developer conference and which was confirmed by Nokia official stating that the ‘Tube” will run on Nokia’s Symbian S60 flavored operating system.

The Tube boasts about consisting of 3G, Wi-Fi, and GPS chip with a screen dimension between 3 to 3.5 inches. Thats surely a feast to an eye.No matter what, the size of the Tube is supposed to be wider than Nokia’s N73. A feature called GeoTagging is added to the feature list which would enable the user to tag the photos taken by using the camera of the Tube.

Nokia officials, as told to the freaks of Symbian stated that the Tube wouldnt be using the same as iPhone’s “multi-touch” but a feature called “tactibility feedback”. Sounds kewl,huh? By the time Nokia comes around with the release date of Tube which would probably be the second half of this year, iPhone would have relased its 3G version.

Love to lay hands over this piece of beauty to have a look at its UI. Hmmm, does it beat Mac OS X?

Share Files Between XP and Vista

Is it possible to share files between Windows Vista and Windows XP?

Yes, it is absolutely possible.

Just follow this link to get what you need.

Support at Microsoft on this Issue

Microsoft has confirmed that this bug is in more Microsoft Products such as Windows XP Professional and Windows XP Home Edition.

Easter Eggs in Your Fav Softwares

Who wouldn’t love an Easter Egg? Hmmm… There are a few, but leaving them aside, here are some easter eggs which reminds you that software developers are not nerds with no fun and family life. We love Humor, a lot, of course.


10. Easter Egg in Mozilla Firefox: Never thought about it? Yes, there is an easter egg in our favourite internet browser. Just type about:mozilla in the address bar and press Enter. Voila, The Bible of Mozilla opens and lets you know how the Genesis of the Browser started.

9. Internet Explorer 6 or 7: Type"TheWCEE";location.href="res://shdoclc.dll/wcee.htm" into the address bar to have a look at the developers of the IE.

8. Google Earth 4.2 Flight Simulator:  Dont have it? Get it here. Launch it and Hit Ctrl+Alt+A and Mac Users, hit Cmd+Opt+A. You get to see a complete set of a flight simulator which lets you choose the airport, flight type which lets you to fly inside Google Earth. Have a look at it for sure.

For more: LifeHacker