Send Free SMS with Photos, Videos and Files

Are you getting bored of sending the same old text sms to family and friends?

Do you want to add something like an expression to your boring text SMS? How about adding a smily? πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ Well, they are soooo old. πŸ˜€

Then, how about adding a photo or a video to a boring SMS? Yes, you can add a photo of yourself or a new friend or your cat or dog or a video of how you look in your new dress or how you are driving your friend’s bike and send it to virtually any one using this unique photo sharing web application.

Virtually, there is no limit on what you can share with your friends and family. All you need to have is, the mobile number of your family and friends.

Sounds exciting? Yes, it is.Β  It is a lot of fun and excitement when you share your personal moments with your family and friends. Let’s dig in and learn what this web app actually does.

Welcome to S3M.IN.

WWW.S3M.IN is a unique and an exciting web application which provides the users to share their funny and personal photos and videos with their family and friends. The service is entirely free.Follow these simple steps to start sharing those amazing and lovely personal photos and videos from any place in India.

  1. Just go to, signup for a free account using your Indian mobile number(which is not in DND mode).
  2. You get an SMS with an authorization code and a link where you need to activate your mobile number to start sharing photos and videos.
  3. Now just Login by going to and start sharing all those awesome photos and videos on your mobile phone or PC or a laptop

The process of sharing photos and videos with your family and friends is very simple.

When you login, you will be taken to a page which looks similar to this.
share photos videos sms

  1. Now just select the image file or video file from your mobile phone folders or from your PC or laptop
  2. Then personalize this SMS by adding 500 characters of text. Pour your heart out and send in a lovely message to family and friends.
  3. Then provide your family or friends numbers, 5 is the limit for now. We will increase the number in the future so that you can send to more than 5 people at a time
  4. Then just hit the ‘Share Now’ button and will send the file neatly embedded into a .html file and will send your message as SMS text to all the numbers provided.

P.S: Indian mobile numbers in DND mode will not receive any SMS from This is because of the TRAI rules and we are working to remove this obstruction and will allow and send to all with in a few months.

So, just head on to and start sharing files along with your text SMS.

What is S3M.IN? – In more detail

Team behind S3M.IN


2 thoughts on “Send Free SMS with Photos, Videos and Files

    • Yo mama, I hope that does not become true. We are already being bombarded with spam SMS daily. And AFAIK team has assured that their system monitors for marketing related ads and stops the users from sending by blocking their access.

      Will confirm and let you know the same.

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