Google’s Co-founder, A CrossDresser?

Sergey Brin and Larry Page are co-founders of Google and out of 100% ,65% of Google users can refer to their names without a blink of an eye.

recently, I came across an article which posted an image of Sergey Brin as a cross-dresser in his college days. I didn’t think otherwise, but as a matter of fact wanted to share this information which was retrieved from the ‘supposed’ deleted archives of the college where Brin and Page had met.

A funny pic indeed.

Here is an original pic of Sergey Brin:

And, here is the cross dressed Brin:

Is it true?

Ask Sergey!!!!

5 thoughts on “Google’s Co-founder, A CrossDresser?

  1. this certainly is interesting. but you should have picked up on the satire of my blog post about Google and the Communists, pal. thanks for tip. mind if i link to your blog?

  2. Who cares if a founder of Google likes to dress as a woman? Maybe Brin is getting some inspiration. Nice dress.

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