Save Anything in PDF and Other Formats

Ever wished for an application which would assist in saving a document or excel sheet or an image into multiple formats?

How many softwares have you tried to convert a .doc file into a .pdf file?

Is there anyway I can save this web page as a pdf file?

The answer for your questions is a YES. Came across a piece of software which would enable you to select an option to save the opened file. To be precise and let you know into what formats you can convert your document, here is a glimpse of various options you have. You can save any file which is printable into PDF, HTML, RTF, EXCEL, JPEG and BMP formats. Appears to be untrue, doesn’t it?

This application might be known to a large chunk of people who dwell into softwares and are always trying to get the best into the system. Likewise I came across this application called “Paperless Printer“, aptly named.

Just install this software, its a 10MB installation package, nearly. Open any document or file you wish to convert to another format and select the ‘Print’ option from the ‘File’ Menu. Select ‘Paperless Printer’ option from the range of printers you have and click ‘OK’. You would be asked to select the format which you wish to change to like this.

Choose the appropriate or desired option from the list and click OK. Voila, you have it in your desired format.

Hope this had helped you in one way or the other. If you have any other application doing the same, please share with us.

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