We would have 100 Einsteins,Only If

And also 100 Hitlers or More if the Morphogenetic field existed for us Humans too. We do have it, but only limited to a certain extent.

Morphogenetic Field: A Morphogenetic field is a group of cells able to respond to discrete, localized biochemical signals leading to the development of specific morphological structures or organs.

Blah blah blah. Hope we would get a meaning in concise.

Morphogenetic Field is found in abundance in every living organism other than Us. What is it and What does it do?

MGF is contained in the chemicals released in the living organisms. It helps is passing of characteristics and abilities in one animal to its future generations. Need an example? Here it comes.

Suppose, a tiger is preying upon a deer. Deer is running and the Tiger is behind. And, all of a sudden, the deer performs a very strange and an unseen maneuver to escape from the tiger,hmmmm, like a reverse somersault. And voila, it escapes. So, the deer has performed something unusual and which had not been done by any deer until then. But, how to pass on this information to the other deers? Do they talk? Do they convey this by arranging a meet at a secluded location? Does the deer perform the same stunt again to demonstrate and teach as well?

The answer for all these questions is a big NO. The information about this new found ability is passed on to its next generations by this Morphogenetic Field. The biochemicals in the body registers this strange anamoly and passes it to the next generations.

Excerpt from Co-Intelligence :

Experiment 1: In the 1920s Harvard University psychologist William McDougall did experiments for 15 years in which rats learned to escape from a tank. The first generation of rats averaged 200 mistakes before they learned the right way out; the last generation 20 mistakes. McDougall concluded that, contrary to accepted genetic science, such acquired knowledge could be inherited.

Experiment 2: In later efforts to duplicate McDougall’s experiments in Australia, similar rats made fewer mistakes right from the start. Later generations of rats did better even when they were not descendents of the earlier rats. This wasn’t genetics at work. It was something else. Nobody tested it further.

“Experiment” 3: In the 1920s in Southampton, England, a bird called the blue tit discovered it could tear the tops of milk bottles on doorsteps and drink the cream. Soon this skill showed up in blue tits over a hundred miles away, which is odd in that they seldom fly further than 15 miles. Amateur bird-watchers caught on and traced the expansion of the habit. It spread faster and faster until by 1947 it was universal throughout Britain. In a parallel development, the habit had spread to blue tits in Holland, Sweden and Denmark. German occupation cut off milk deliveries in Holland for eight years — five years longer than the life of a blue tit. Then, in 1948 the milk started to be delivered. Within months blue tits all over Holland were drinking cream, a habit that had taken decades to take hold before the war. Where did they get this knowledge?

For more: http://www.co-intelligence.org

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