A Typical Indian PC – Steps We Follow

Hmmm, What do we have here?

I am giving out a typical and an ‘excellent’ computer that we Indians would choose from the wide array of choices we have. A Typical Indian would always choose a PC based on the needs and they are precise over that. The needs are priorly thought of, then analyzed, then discussed, after that ‘debated’ with friends, family, relatives and absolute strangers. There might be a confusion once we reach the shop, which would surely be an assembled goods shop. The shopkeeper’s suggestions are taken into account. This tech speaking shopkeeper would not even be aware of what SATA means. But, he advices just like as if he himself, is the soul who has designed the concepts and working of a SATA drive and brought it into existence. He would put even a computer literate to shame if you start discussing the specs with him.

Ok. After getting an estimate from 3-5 shops, we tend to wander around with whom we have come and assess the chances of deciding which shop to go and get the PC from. Once done, we pounce upon the shop like hungry pack of wolves and shoot questions on what all we can ask. If the answers sound purely tech specs, then we tend to let them pass from one ear and let it out from the other. We dont want specs, We need “live examples”. Like, #1 PC(which we have decided at first when we were coming to the shop) works at so and so speed, #2 PC(that the shopkeeper wants to sell to us) works at 50% more efficient than that. If you open Notepad in #1 in a time of 0.5 sec, #2 would take only 0.35. There we are, this example boosts the confidence of the buyer and we smile at how fast it would work.

Just have a look at what Indians would choose for Home computer.

Basically, this is quite an OK system. But, we tend to run new games on this one itself. So, want to sell us a PC, LET IT BE AN ALL-ROUNDER.


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