The New Photoshop, CS Next(CS 4)

Photoshop has supposedly been on the underlaying terms when it comes to optimizing the CPU speed when working on larger files. Earlier the systems use to clog when working on huge image files when applying filters or effects and when zooming into the minute areas of the image. And, cropping the images, just forget about it. If you are lucky, you would not have to restart the system loosing the actions performed until then.

Now, Photoshop technical team has learnt to tame the system over the processing power of the GPU and the physics acceleration. And utilising the same combined with the multi-core support would significantly increase the productivity and reduce the long lasting wait when working with time consuming effects over the large image files.

Hmmm,ok. All this is fine. So, what can this do when working with the general-purpose GPU(GPGPU) acceleration in Photoshop? Have a look at the demo by the narrator when working on a 2GB, 442 megapixel image as if it was a mere 5 megapixel image on an 8-core Skulltrail system. Working on such a huge sized image looks like the effects were apllied instantly.

The included new feature was to import a 3D model into Photoshop, adding text and paint on a 3D surface and having that sureface directly rendered with the 3D model’s reflection map.

Photoshop would be the first tool provided by the mainstream applications to tap into the GPU for the boosted speed. When observed over the demonstration at the Nvidia’s headquarters in Santa Clara, we had a chance to see the Adobe’s “Creative Suite Next” or CS4, code named “Stonehenge”, which adds GPU and physics support to its existing multi-core support.

Digital artists would be on the appreciation list when they start working with Photoshop “CS Next” which is expected to release on October 1.

Have a sneak peek over Adobe Photoshop CS4


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