Pill Phone from Verizon:Now Stop Being Ridiculous

Vice-President of enterprise data sales of Verizon Wireless, Mr.Mark Bartolomeo,confirmed the arrival a new application christened as Pill Phone. The application as its name suggests its usability would assist the people in reminding them of their valuable medical prescriptions and timings over the dosages. So, if you have the habit of forgetting of taking your daily dosage of medication, then, this tool is just for you.

The name by itself holds its meaning. The Pill Phone kicks the person with an alarm tone or a vibration reminding the person to take some time out in order to get some time more to live by taking his/her medication. Hmmm, do I hear a round of applause from less memorable people? I think so, I am cheering up too.

Add some more features for this application, this one reminds not only the patient, but also his family members, if, the patient does not respond to it’s alert. It sends out messages to the mobile numbers which are fed into it’s memory. Quiet handy!!Surely, Verizon has taken a step ahead and personified itself as being extremely friendly to its customers. Health is surely Wealth. Pill Phone would be compatible with some of the latest mobile devices from MotoRazer, Samsung and LG. A feature called as “get it now” has to be activated in order to make use of this doctoral application.

The Pill Phone would also provide educational information from a repository of 1800 commonly prescribed drugs. It also provides security to your sensitive data by requiring a personal identification number(PIN) locking system. So, now PIN, no alerts and no medical information which has been kept secure. Rightly priced at $3.99 per month, this application is worth a try.

For more: Pill Phone

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