Run Linux on Windows with a Double Click

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Run Linux on Windows, Simultaneously

What more? You can choose from a variety of Linux flavors.

Many people are afraid of installing Linux, even though it’s free. Why? They think that the installation procedure is quite a complex procedure which would take a geek’s mind in order to get it right. But, that’s not the truth now a days. The installation is a piece of cake as Linux had been supporting GUI for years now. Using the below specified method, you can make Linux run like any other Windows program, just by a double-click.

This method is perfectly reversible and in order to go back to your previous state, all you need to do is, delete a folder and uninstall a program. Sounds quite easy? It is.

1. The first requirement is to download the free VMWare Player which installs just like any other program. No hassles. Just go to VMWare Homepage and download it. Be ready to take on a short survey form there which would take just a couple of minutes.

2. Now download your favorite Linux version. I will provide you with different flavors of Linux, but only one is needed. So, it’s all your choice. The Linux distros would vary by their version specifications and sizes, so the more the size, the more time it would require to download. I prefer settling on Suse Linux. If you prefer to first try on a smaller Linux distro, you can even do that. There are a lot of Linux distributions to test on. So, do not think that these versions are the only ones you can work on.

Suse Linux (680 MB)

Fedora (682 MB)

Damn Small Linux (51 MB)

Puppy Linux (85 MB)

3. Now setup VMWare to talk to Linux. How to get it done? Very simple. Download a little file from Wolphination. Here is a direct link to that file: . Now unzip the file into your drive(Say C:\ ) , so now you have C:\OS.

Place your downloaded flavor of Linux into your OS folder, that is, C:\OS. Yeah, place the .iso file into the OS folder. So, now I have OS.vmx, OS.vmdk and openSUSE-10.3-GM-KDE-Live-i386.iso in the OS folder. Now, you are nearly ready to run for Linux on Windows.

4. You need to setup your VMWare configuration file. This file is nothing but the OS.vmx. Now, open this file using Notepad. On a line that says ide1:0.fileName “C:\Your file” , you need to edit this line and make it point to the Linux version you downloaded. So mine changes to C:\OS\openSUSE-10.3-GM-KDE-Live-i386.iso. Now, save this file and You are ready to blaze your Linux and work on it.

Double Click on OS.vmx and in a min or less time, depending on your RAM, the Linux will start up.

There you are, running Linux like any other windows program. Create a shortcut of OS.vmx on your desktop and you can fire it up from there.

Increase your productivity by enhancing your skillset by working on Linux.

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5 thoughts on “Run Linux on Windows with a Double Click

  1. Please provide me the file on my e-mail address as I am not able to open the site from Wolphination.


  2. I also can not find the and the updated location is a .rar which i cannot open… could someone post the contents of the file, i will copy into notepad and make my own file…

    assuming that does not violate any license

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