Adobe Photoshop Online: Photoshop Express

In continuation to my earlier post on How to Edit Images Online this would be a breeze for all the photo editing freaks. All are not lucky enough to lay their hands upon the World’s best photo editing tool Adobe Photoshop.

For people like these, Adobe opened up Photoshop Express on Thursday, a much awaited web-based image editor aimed at simple ways to touch up, share and store photos.

Photoshop Express is available with a free 2 gigabytes of memory. A whopping amount for images, and the best bet to make money by offering web services directly to consumers of Adobe.

Photoshop Express requires Flash Player 9 to run and once an account is created and you are in, its plethora of tools would leave you surprised. This would strictly turn out to be the competetion buster of all the Online Image Editing Tools.

And whats more…You can even login to your FaceBook, Orkut and PhotoBucket accounts to integrate those accounts and edit images.


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