Starwar’s LightSaber-Butt of The Joke

Ever since Darth Vader and Obi Vaan Kanobi had been using the LightSabers, they have been made fun of.

Have a look at this video and tell what you think of.

Not of the toaster, but, of the LightSaber.

2 thoughts on “Starwar’s LightSaber-Butt of The Joke

  1. Well, Aussies were always known to be a bit loony… But that light saber was ridiculous! You’re right… I think Darth Vader deserves a bit more credit… He is, after all, a father!!! 😀

  2. Nice video there.

    Every once in a while, someone or the other do finds one means or the other to strip Darth Wader off his Light Saber.

    Cool vid. Thanks for posting.

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