Google Worries Branded Sites


In a recent post on How Google enables to search-within-search there hadbeen some key points mentioned on how this works.

The brand named sites like and and and a plethora of similar sites are worried that the users will be dragged away through the ad sales to their competitors. As Google offers a secondary search within the results, it offers an option for the users to refine their searches entirely, not using the Google search, but that particular site’s search engine and displaying the ads of their competitors.

Here is an excerpt from a Technical Consultant : “Analysts generally praise the feature as helping users save steps, but for Web publishers and retailers, there are trade-offs… ‘Google is showing a level of aggressiveness with this that’s just not needed,’ said [one Internet consultant]… Take, for instance, a [test where] users of Google searched The Washington Post and were given a secondary search box. Those who typed ‘jobs’ into that second box saw related results for The Post’s employment pages, but the results were bordered by ads for competing employment sites like CareerBuilder or So even though users began the process by stating their intention to reach The Post, Google’s ads steered at least some of them to competitors. Similar situations arose when users relied on Google to search”

Interesting, huh. Share with me how you would be possibly be benefitted with this slick feature.


One thought on “Google Worries Branded Sites

  1. Search within a search is certainly a cause for worry for the big players. G’s another business tactic to walk to bank with a big wide smile.


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