Easter Eggs in Your Fav Softwares

Who wouldn’t love an Easter Egg? Hmmm… There are a few, but leaving them aside, here are some easter eggs which reminds you that software developers are not nerds with no fun and family life. We love Humor, a lot, of course.


10. Easter Egg in Mozilla Firefox: Never thought about it? Yes, there is an easter egg in our favourite internet browser. Just type about:mozilla in the address bar and press Enter. Voila, The Bible of Mozilla opens and lets you know how the Genesis of the Browser started.

9. Internet Explorer 6 or 7: Type javascript:window.name="TheWCEE";location.href="res://shdoclc.dll/wcee.htm" into the address bar to have a look at the developers of the IE.

8. Google Earth 4.2 Flight Simulator:  Dont have it? Get it here. Launch it and Hit Ctrl+Alt+A and Mac Users, hit Cmd+Opt+A. You get to see a complete set of a flight simulator which lets you choose the airport, flight type which lets you to fly inside Google Earth. Have a look at it for sure.

For more: LifeHacker

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