Watch Hi-Res Videos on YouTube

Getting bored watching the old 320×240 format videos on YouTube? Wish to watch them on Hi-Def?Not really Hi-Def, but watching the same video on 480×360 would make life appear more beautiful, wouldn’t it?But, the catch is, this feature is mostly available to the newer videos and YouTube is not working in a serial manner here.

Even though a link is provided to watch the Hi-Def versions, its not there by default. There would be a small link which would take you to the Hi-Def Version.Then, what is, you want to watch the higher res videos by default? Follow these little tricks in order to achieve this feat.

The Steps required:

  • The URL Hacking: Add a simple &fmt=18 to the end of the normal YouTube video URL would make the hi res video, if it exists, to load.
  • Use the Addon by Firefox: Firefox gives an extremely comfy tool to add to the browser in order to watch the hi res videos by default and other goodies like stopping the auto-play of the videos on YouTube.Download Firefox 3 Beta 4 here.
  • Often forgotten, and always dormant. Use the Settings tab from YouTube in order to make the videos play in a Hi-Res format by default. You can access the settings of YouTube under Account tab.Even though, these videos are not applicable to be watching them on HDTV, they look pretty good on laptops and devices with smaller screens. See, its better than watching the moving chunks of color in a full-screen mode.

If you have any YouTube tricks under your sleeves, do share with us.

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