Dual-Boot support in iPhone

20080314-094836_wwwbloglinescom.jpgIf you are the kind of person who always chooses between two things and who expects a fallback method even on his PC, then this is for you. Apple iPhone is found to be in support a feature which would support to set up a dual-boot system, with a couple of different firmware versions at a time. Its astounding to know that the Apple iPhone Dev Team had this idea for the past few months and this kind of hack in is released now because they are assured that there are a lot of other advanced features wich have been developed for the iPhone firmware crack.

As you can expect, there would be lots of careful gawking and hacking to achieve the partition-making and a lot of command line work to be done to achieve the feat. Be prepared with lots of caffeine as your headaches are sure to be back over this.But, once you’ve got everything set up, its a cake walk to switch between different OS Versions just by changing your root-device with a simple command.

Now that the iPhone SDK is released, the iPhone Atlas opines are that this option would be come more attractive. As always your ideas are most welcome and you can find more details down below.

For more: iPhone Atlas

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