Laptop that stops a Missile

From DataLoss, obviously.

No, its not loaded with Anti-Missile System, but, rest assured. As Dell claims that its most rugged laptop Dell Latitute XFR D630 is here to take the ultimate test of every laptop owner’s horrific nightmare, like, dropping the laptop, beverage drinking laptop and more.

The D630 is claimed to have met the standards for operation in extreme conditions like extreme temperature, sealed keyboard, sustain moisture and altitude with a solid Magnesium Chassis, SSD and shock protection for its valuable data, which have been laid
out by the Department of Defense MIL-STD 810F.


The specs are pretty awesome too: Core 2 DUo, 14.1-inch, 500nit screen, 802.11n, GPS and high-end thermal management for the processor and RAM. Wouldn’t be much for Vista but runs absolutely smooth on Windows XP.

“The Latitude XFR D630 represents a tectonic shift towards simplicity in the ruggedized laptop space,” said Brett McAnally, director, Dell Product Group. “We are taking a multi-dimensional approach that focuses on simplified deployment, service and durability without sacrificing performance. Major competitors focus their efforts on ‘rugged’ only.”

The Latitude XFR D630 leads major rugged laptop vendors in standard service with Next Business Day On-Site3 service for major components inside the laptop. Competitors require customers to return systems for service. Dell’s rugged laptop also allows users to service many components in the field.

For more: Gizmodo

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