GMail Password Hijacking


Ever wondered How you could get a tool that would help you out in getting the passwords of your friends’ GMail Accounts?

Though the application doesn’t  that it would, G-Archiver does a bit similar to that. It archives the data from your GMail account to your hard disk drive and provides a very applaudable use. But, it comes at a cost.

When the application had been installed onto the machine and when the user credentials are provided, then G-Archiver logs into your account and downloads the important data onto your hard disk for later reviewal. However, when Jeff Atwood at Coding Horror peeked into the code of this application, it blew into his face that the user credentials were being sniffed out and sent to the creator of the application.

So, be aware when installing the softwares from unreliable sources. Just because they are free doesn’t mean that they  are made by people who are fond of Open Source.

For more: ZDNet


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