Casio’s New GShock GW-9200 Watch

Await June 28, 2008 for a new GW-9200 MODEL from Casio. Packed with a bunch of features this G-Shock is the most feature packed watch ever produced. A minimum of 3000
units would be produced every month for their initial release and the retail price would ne about $260 USD.

All New GW-9200

Features Include:

– 6 Band Atomic Time Sync
– Barometer (air pressure range 260 to 1100 hPa)
– Altimeter (-700 to 10000 m)
– Thermometer (-10 ℃ to 60)
– Stopwatch (1 / 100 seconds, 24 hours, with a split)
– World Time (33 world cities, 29 time zones)
– Countdown Timer (24 hours max)
– 5 Alarms (1 with snooze)
– Full auto EL light (with afterlight)
– Tough Solar (large solar charging system)
– Dimensions: 51.0mm × 48.9mm × 15.9mm
– Weight: 60.9g

For more : MyGShock 

5 thoughts on “Casio’s New GShock GW-9200 Watch

  1. Good Post!
    I personally love the watches from Casio. Actually, I got the first still works; D
    Recently tried a good online store to give my brother with this clock, and I found that here with great prices:
    In addition to the watches of the Casio also have alarms and other products from them.
    Well, there is the tip! Hugs!

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