Optimize Power Consumption by…

Coding a feature rich but abiding by the principles behind the optimal utilisation of the resources. Given below are some of the statistics that make your pages faster which would be the best option for your users, and good for you and good for Gaya.

“Writing faster web pages is great for your users, which in turn is great for you and your company. But it’s better for everyone else on the planet, too.

Intrigued by an article on Radar about co2stats.com, I looked at my web performance best practices from the perspective of power consumption and CO2 emissions. YSlow grades web pages according to how well they follow these best practices. What if it could convert those grades into kilowatt-hours and pounds of CO2?

Let’s look at one performance rule on one site. Wikipedia is one of the top ten sites in the world (#9 according to Alexa). I love Wikipedia. I use it almost every day. Unfortunately, it has thirteen images in the front page that don’t have a far future Expires header (Rule 3). Every time someone revisits this page the browser has to make thirteen HTTP requests to the Wikipedia server to check if these images are still usable, even though these images haven’t changed in over seven months on average.”

More here….

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