USB Stick is now a “Windows Companion”

Microsoft is hecticly working on creating a new technology to convert the USB based Flash Drives into a “windows Companion”.Users can carry their Windows and Windows Live Settings with them using this revolutionary technology by the name “StartKey”.

Only USB Sticks are not confined to the StartKey, it will also work on other flash storage device like SD Memory Cards. The availabitly(mostly a beta) is likely to be before the end of the year.The aim behind this: Miscrosoft is hoping to build a Full Featured StartKey environment, consisting of everything from system software on the flash drives, a SDK to enable the thir-party developers to build products that can support StartKey.

The roots for this plan is actually a Mutual Agreement between SanDisk and Microsoft in May 2007. Another proposition from Microsoft is that it would be providing unspecified software to replace the U3 Smart technology that was included on SanDisk flash devices. U3’s technology enabled users to store files, applications and related settings on their USB Sticks.

More on StartKey here……

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