Intel’s New Chip: ATOM

Sunday hadn’t been an off like all of us for the Intel people. Intel rolled out its Atom brand on SUnday. Atom is a group of low-power processors formerly known under the code names Silverthorne and Diamondville.

Mobile Internet Devices would have a new face when these chips are launched later in 2008. So, Intel, not only on your desktop and in your laptop, but also in your pockets. Fair Share??

The Specifics are:

    • The Intel Atom line keeps the Intel Core 2 Duo instruction set, but aims for low power and a new architecture;
    • The chip is less than 25 mm², Intel’s smallest yet.
    • The chips have a thermal design power spec of 0.6 to 2.5 watts and can hit 1.8 GHz.
    • Intel is hoping these little chips will appear in “netbooks,” cheap Internet devices and “nettops.” Nettops sound suspiciously like thinner thin clients.

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