The Best Video Shows on Technology

Knowing that my readers are a lot interested in DIY Videos and IT Videos, I am hereby sorting 10 of the best web video shows on the internet.

Remember that these videos can be downloaded on to your desktop for later viewing or else play it in any handheld video device of your choice.

10. IT Idiots

Explanations about various new and emerging technologies by a couple of British Techies. Their videos range mostly on Microsoft Products and Microsoft Certifications . Their rants over technological issues is absolutely entertaining and knowledgeable.

9. Systm

“Do-It-Yourself” addicts, Your One Stop. Mainly aimed at technologists in business and tech-savvy people who are well acquainted with digital lifestyle. The geeks Patrick Norton and David Randolph would provide a heap of hacks, tricks and tips for techno freaks.

8. Tech Talk
The short and upto the mark details of these videos are really noteworthy as they combine a range of business and as well as consumer topics. They take up less than 2 minutes of time-and are miniscule reports from Fortune- and provide a quick synopsis of a current issue in the technology industry.

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