Reviews: Reliance WiMax Connectivity

Woes of a Reliance WiMax user:

Standing advice for people who are thinking off to shift to Reliance WiMax Broadband Connection-“Dont”. WiMax Connection is thought to be handled by experts in telecommunications and this makes out to nothing but pain in the a** for most of the subscribers. An IP address wouldnt be provided for the system with a connection, the IP address would be changing every time you log into your system.(Well, this can be understood, No ISP provideds a Stati IP address unless you pay more). But, wait for more woes.It is a common experience that you will face multiple timeouts due to which you can login to any of the mail acounts or Orkut. Sometimes, you need to wait for 10-20 minutes in order to get an IP and log on.

It is a common notion that Reliance wiMax BroadBand Connection is still under the beta face, but released onto the public to play with their money and emotions. And add to this, the pathetic Customer Care, which would always say that your complaint had been resolved. Many a users have a common opinion. How would your problem be resolved without checking on the Customer’s Feedback? And once the call is resolved, it cannot
be reopened with the same complaint number and the caller would loose the advantage of emphasizing the complaint. So, opening another ticket would mean, starting over again. The Customer care professionals ask you to do basics of checking the IP Address and flushdns, ipconfig and thats it. Your connection is up and running or We will send professionals who would arrive after again reminding them.

Add to this, getting a duplicate bill. A friend of mine expressed his problems in a simple manner. “Using for the past 3 months, 2 Complaints per week, no duplicate bill even after calling 5 times”. Most of the times when the so-called technical people arrive at your doorstep, you begin by helping them out in letting them understand the basics of setting up an internet connection.

Most of the people suggest that Reliance should be awarded “Worst Ever ISP Award”.

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One thought on “Reviews: Reliance WiMax Connectivity

  1. I totally Agree with the above post as a reliance wimax subscriber

    I live in Bangalore and this is the worst Internet connection you could ever get. If you are thinking of getting this connection then be prepared for the worst disconnected customer care. If there was an Award for the most disconnected customer care this would go to them. All is well when the connection exists. but once you have a problem then only god can help or I think even god cant help. the service is down for days and even making 4 or 5 frantic calls will not help.

    My Story:

    this cannot be taken as one off situation because this was my experience twice in 2 months. I had problems with the modem they had provided and lost the connection abruptly. it took about 5 to 6 calls daily for 1 week and still I do not have a technical guy visit my office. All that the customer service guys tell you is they have escalated the matter to the right department and they will get back to us. That is the only script they have and that is what they say. The last time I had this issue this technical guy came after 10 days to get the modem replaced and he had given me his mobile number to call if we had any issues directly (sweet of him). Now that I have the same issue and after hearing of the escalations of my issue everyday 5 times a day (just like our prayers I had to do it every day religiously) and after 7 days I called this technical guy’s mobile who tells me that the issue was not even escalated to the technical department by the customer care and he cannot do anything till this issue is escalated. This is how bad the customer care is. The departments are totally disconnected, When I called the customer care again and told them that they had not escalated the issue to their technical team they did not deny it and then they connected me to the technical department. This is after 7 whole days. Can you imagine? woowwww just wo http://www. If I die and go to heaven then I have only reliance wimax to thank, after experiencing Hell on earth I dont think god would put me back in there. This is how frustrated I am.

    MY Advice to anyone who have plans to get reliance Wi-Max –> Please save yourself the trouble and DONT.

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