10 Minute E-Mail Address

Ever wished you can sign-in to a forum, but do not want to give out your original and authentic e-mail address. The thought might have crossed you minds several times, but whats the option, other than to create a temporary email address in any of the free e-mail service providers.

I have found a great website which gives off free email addresses, but, only for a time period of 10 minutes. You can register into any forum, give the temporary email id and wait until the activation mail comes along. Use the activation link and forget about the email id.Anyway, You wouldnt be using that email address anymore. Because, it would consist of mostly gibberish alphanumeric codes. After your work is done, or after 10 minutes whichever happens first, your email address would be destroyed.

You can even extend the time period for more than 10 minutes if you wish to.

Take 10 Minute E-Mail Address here….


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