Assembled Computers-A Boon or Bane

PCGoing to purchase a New Computer?

Asking friends to suggest a worthy configuration as per your budget?

Confused over the buzzwords about L2 Cache, FSB, RAM Slots, PCI, AGP Card, DDR or DDR2 or DDR3, MHz Myths, Intel or AMD, Gigabyte or MSI or Asus?

The age long trend in India is to assemble a PC depending upon the budget of the purchaser and trying to juice it up with some glitzy ATX Cabinets that the shopkeeper offers and suggests you to take it as it is the hottest piece going around.

PCAn assembled PC, I am working on One, according to me is very much a prized possession for every computer user because this is the one which had been bought, which had been long cherished before we even lay our hands upon it. An year ago, My PC costed me around Rs.45,000. But, it never made me twitch. Because, there had been so much care and precious hours of thinking that had gone into putting up the ideas on paper and the courage the swipe the Plastic Money purchasing this Monolith, on which I am working. Never had it crossed my mind to compare what the price is now. Because, this is the one which will never cease to exist(Unless, there is some electrical disturbance).

We never even think of getting a Branded PC, no matter, what the ads say about the Branded PCs. To state the fact, there had never been so many ads too suggesting the end-users to purchase a branded PC. Only ads I have noticed are of Zenith PCs and that too of Laptops.

20080228-000748_wwwcybagirlcom.jpgNo matter what happens, We would never think of purchasing a branded PC as it costs more than what it’s configuration is worth. But, there is a crucial reason over why they cost so much. Its because of the warranties over the products of the branded PC. An assembled PC, no matter what the shopkeeper says, doesnt make you an esteemed buyer. So, choose wisely.

Else trace out the best shop and do a little bit of research for yourself.


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